Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 5 review

“Ishq Zahe Naseeb” Episode 5 review


Have you watched the latest episode of “Ishq Zahe Naseeb”? Here’s a quick review of the 5th episode. We are very well familiar with the last episode of the drama serial where Zahid Ahmed’s split personality was unveiled.

The episode begins with Gohar who is quite worried about her job description. She was meant to be a receptionist but what she got is a job of governance. However, her friend tried to make her clear that she will only have to work as governance for one or two months and then they would hire someone else as the governance she will be back in her office. Gohar somehow agreed as she has no other option.

After reaching the bungalow of Mr. Sameer, Her boss, she started witnessing the grandeur of his bungalow.

She felt that everything is strange here and then the lady keeper took her to Sameer’s mother who has often found in hot temper. She behaved quite rudely with Gohar and warned her not to commit any mistake. She asks her to leave the room.

On the other hand, Kashif is missing Gohar badly. He recalled the time they have spent together and tried to call her. However, Gohar has also changed her number so he left disappointed. When Gohar arrived home she found that her elder sister Bushra has been waiting for her. She rushed happily towards the room.

Bushra got rude to her on discovering that she has accepted the job of governance. Gohar tried to convince her that she has done to this as they have a lot of debt to pay and Bushra become silent.

The next day, Gohar’s brother becomes suspicious of witnessing a lavish carriage who arrived at their house to pick Gohar. She questioned her about this and she has no clear answer to explain.

On her way, she caught the attention of Kashif who was going on the same way. During a signal break, Kashif sees her sitting in the car. He looks at her for a few minutes with some yearning sentiments and feelings. First, he tried to call her but then suddenly stopped doing so.

Towards the end, we have been again introduced with the split personality of Sameer in the form of Sameera.

Here’s the promo of the next episode,

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