Islamabad Police deploys AI smart cars to nab criminals and issue e-challans [Video].

To boost their crime-fighting abilities, Islamabad police will soon be using smart cars with artificial intelligence (AI). These cars have special cameras that can recognize license plates and faces. The system also has a database of criminals, so the cameras can quickly spot suspects during routine checks or patrols.

The AI technology in these cars can also alert the police about vehicles that haven’t paid their fines right away. If someone describes a criminal, the system can find pictures that match the description, helping the police act fast. The smart cars are also handy for quickly responding to reports of stolen cars or motorcycles.

The police in Islamabad have made sure that all units with these smart cars are immediately informed when a stolen vehicle’s details are entered into the system. Plus, the police officers in Islamabad have received training on how to use this high-tech tool effectively.

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