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Israeli Spyware Firm Alleges It has the ability of data mining from Social Media


According to the Financial Times, a spyware company of Israel, which was previously suspected of hacking WhatsApp, has disclosed to clients that it has the ability to collect data from the globe’s top social media.

The English paper had written that the NSO group informed buyers that it is able via technology to underhandedly mine all of a user’s data from the following servers:

  1. Google,
  2. Apple,
  3. Microsoft and
  4. Amazon,

After NSO was approached to comment, a spokesperson denied this allegation in its written statement. The spokesperson stated that there exists a substantial misconception of the NSO, its services, and technology.

It added that the products of the NSO do not supply the kind of collection abilities as well as accessibility to cloud applications, infrastructure or services as suggested & listed in the article of the Financial Times.

During May, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, stated that an update was released by it for plugging a security hole within the messaging app.

Advanced spyware could be inserted into the app which could be applied for spying on activists, journalists and other people of interest.

It was stated that the attack portrayed all the distinguishing features of a company in the private sector which works in collaboration with several governments worldwide.

Although a suspect was not mentioned, Joseph Hall, an analyst from Washington and chief technologist of the Democracy & Technology Centre stated that the timing of the hack, coincide with the Pegasus software of NSO. In general, it is sold to intelligence and law enforcement services.

The report of the Financial Times on Friday quoted documents viewed by it together with product demonstration descriptions.

It stated that the programme had advanced to be able to capture a far greater trove of data, even exceeding the cloud. This information includes archived messages or photos as well as the entire history of a targeted person’s location data.

However, according to NSO it only licenses the Pegasus system and does not operate it. They added that it is just for closely investigated government users, whose sole purpose it is to investigate or prevent serious crime, which includes terrorism.

During 2016, the NSO group came into the limelight when it was accused by researchers of assisting in spying on an activist, located within the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The NSO is based near Tel Aviv in the Herzliya hi-tech hub, at the Israeli seaside.

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