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“It is very Easy to Govern”, Prime Minister Imran Khan


Islamabad: Governing Pakistan is quite easy than being in opposition. The opposition is rather difficult, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on Wednesday in the meeting of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) parliamentary party.

The response came under the question of a journalist who has asked the PM to put his view about governing the country and being in opposition. Answering the question asked by the journalist, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that “It is very easy to govern”.

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Local Government System

After briefing about the new Local Government system, PM Imran Khan stated that the party leaders and workers should support the system. It would surely change the fate of the country.  He declared, “The new LG system will bring prosperity to the country and will ensure devolution of the powers”.PM Imran Khan meeting

Earlier, the Pakistan premier has also chaired a parliamentary party meeting prior to the National Assembly session in which he asserted that said Asad Umar is still important for the party and that he is still his right hand man.

During the meeting, he also talked about opposition leaders and the way to tackle them. Several discussions were being made to handle inflation and to give a quick and effective response to the criticism made by the opposition leaders.

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