“It’s a wrap for The Window,” Ammar Lasani

“It’s a wrap for The Window,” Ammar Lasani


Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia have always been doing great in their respective directorial skills. However, together they create such phenomenal projects which leave and everlasting impact on the audience.

“It’s a wrap for The Window,” Ammar Lasani

It was last year when their first film “Gumm” was released and received rave views from the public. The filmmaking duo is all set to rock big screens once again with an upcoming film “The Window”.

The shooting of the film was going really well until Ammar himself announced that the last scenes of “The Window” have been conducted brilliantly and finally it’s a wrap.

Taking to one of his social media handles, Ammar wrote, “And it’s a wrap! Here is a thumbs-up for my entire team and everybody involved to have accompanied us in this rollercoaster ride. Thank you all.”

Upcoming project

Moreover, during an interview, Ammar also revealed more information regarding the upcoming project. He told, “We are done with the shoot and for now all I can say is that The Window is a heart touching story and will surely intrigue the viewers.”

He was questioned about the release of the film, to this, Ammar said that the releasing date for the upcoming film will be announced soon. For now, he has not confirmed any date. He said,

“The release date will be announced soon InshaAllah.”

Ammar and Kanza

It is worth noticing that the film is co-written by Ammar and Kanza. The film features Faran Tahir, Suhaee Abro, veteran actor Faysal Qureshi, and Sami Khan.

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