Last Time in NAB Zardari

It’s my Last Time in NAB, Now There Will be NAB or Pakistan”’s Economy” Ex. President Zardari


A new story came out regarding fake accounts of Mr. Asif ALI Zardari. He seemed much angry at the time of interrogation. NAB should give proper evidence before calling someone at the trial court. According to his statement, “Now there will be NAB or Pakistan’s Economy”.

It means MR. Zardari still believes that he has been the backbone in Pak Economy. And if the court gives him some tough time then it will be a great loss for Pakistan and its economy.

Majority of Pakistanis Have Black Money:

Èvery other Pakistani has black money and foreign accounts. What matters is how much we are giving to our nation? He added more while talking with the NAB team.

He is given a new questionnaire with the instructions to give its reply on 23rd May 2019.  Remember, NAB called him against a case of corruption Worth RS 8 billion as well as Opal business plan.

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