Today Match with West Indies

It’s time to pay off a debt of 1992’s world cup in Today’s Match with West Indies


Pakistan will play his first match with West Indies and begin the journey of World Cup 2019. In 1992 world cup West Indies were on winning stand in opening match. Now it’s time to repay. Isn’t so?

How many times both teams have faced each other?

In 133 matches Pakistan and West Indies cricket teams have played against each other.

How many Times Did Pakistan Cricket Team Beat West Indies?

In official cricket matches, West Indies cricket team beat Pakistan 70 times while Pakistan cricket team beat them 60 times.

When was the last match played?

The last match between these two teams was played on Apr 11,2017 in Abu Dhabi. The only good news is, in that match Pakistani team has been winner. So, let’s hope our green shirts will repeat the same performance again in today’s match. And that’s today’s match prediction.

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