Jack Ma Founder of Alibaba

Jack Ma: Founder of Alibaba Shares the Crucial Mistake Startups Make

Logical Analysis

Jack Ma is China’s wealthiest man!  His net worth? A staggering $36.5 billion.

In 1999, during the trend of government-owned companies, whilst entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship was unusual, he founded Alibaba!

Being highly successful with Alibaba, which currently provides full-time employment to more than 60,000 employees, he provides priceless advice to young entrepreneurs and is sharing his wisdom!

Although he was confronted in recent times about his opinion regarding 996 work hours, he also expressed his viewpoint concerning the future when people will work just 4 hours on a daily basis.

At the age of 54, Jack doesn’t have technical experience, whilst he openly said he is not computer literate either.

With his ability to take risks and experience, as per CNBC-TV18, Ma said one vital mistake which startups make is to think that they must have money to solve a problem.

Jack Ma is of the opinion that its lacking resourcefulness which is the principal problem and not the shortage of money. He stated that you must have a great team for executing your plans successfully!

It is not easy to find the right team of believing dreamers and then they work together, but accomplish mediocre results!

Ma believes that he must hire employees who outsmart him! It is his opinion that smart employees will be able to take the vision of the company forward to reach the next level

It is crucial that you have the most suitable person or resource for the right position or job!


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