‘Jahangir Tareen important member of PTI,’ Sheikh Rashid

‘Jahangir Tareen important member of PTI,’ Sheikh Rashid


Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad explained that Jahangir Tareen was an important member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

He further cleared that the reports about a rift between him and PM Imran Khan hold no truth in them.

During a press conference, Sheikh Rasheed said,

“Jahangir Tareen is an important member of PTI. I don’t think there are differences between him and the prime minister.”

He added that “PM Imran has made it clear he will not spare those responsible for the sugar and wheat crisis in the country. In the past, many had benefited from subsidies provided. When the [forensic] report will be issued on April 25, everything will be in front of everyone.”

While referring to the cabinet reshuffle, she said,

“The premier playing as the captain and is changing the position of fielders as per the country’s conditions.”

He also criticized the Pakistani media saying that instead of stressing on the coronavirus pandemic in the country, they keep on dragging the wheat and sugar reports.

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