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Jamal Rahman on scoring for Baaji


Saqib Malik’s upcoming debut feature film “Baaji”, is in some ways, Jamal’s most mainstream project yet. An Instep asked Jamal what he is doing in terms of scoring for the film with the presence of such prominent actors to create sound for. In any film, the background score is as crucial as the music. It represents the unspoken words and helps to build the narrative when done right.

Speaking to Instep about Baaji, Jamal explained his experience of creating the score for the film.
“I received the film a couple of weeks ago,” began Jamal, and continued, “I’ve been working on it since then.”

Jamal further noted, “I was writing some ideas down, composing things and getting ready to compose but now that the film is here, I am composing one song for it and the background score; just kind of working day and night to make sure… you see it’s the third score I’m doing. The first one was Manto and I was in a very different place and Manto is a very sensitive film.”

“Baaji is a completely different beast; it’s a fast-moving drama, there’s a lot of movement, lots of characters, sort of interweaving plots and things. So, with Manto, I wrote a new piece of music for every scene that came out.

The first half is different and the second half is different. I enjoy the process of scoring so every time a new character comes onscreen, there is a theme associated with that person.” He added.

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