Jamil Naqsh man of wisdom and high morale

Jamil Naqsh – A man of wisdom and high morale


London: Legendary Pakistani painter Jamil Naqsh passed away on 16th May 2019. His soul is resting in West London’s Alperton cemetery.

80 years old Jamil Naqsh was a man of wisdom and knowledge. His death left everybody bereaved.

Recently, Geo News got the favors of interviewing his family at the apartment in Maida Vale. Naqsh spent the last sixteen years of his life at this apartment. Jamil Naqsh was a man who was no interesting in the outside world. He used to stay at his apartment where he painted and arranged meetings with his friends.

The legendary Pakistani artist breathed his last at the St Mary’s Hospital. He was so fond of painting that even during his last few breaths he wished to paint something, as mentioned by his sister Shammi Ahmed.

“He was in pain but physical pain was not relevant to him. He was restless because he had not painted, touched his brushes for several hours after being brought to the hospital. I saw his hands rising and moving as if painting”.

While talking to his wife Najmi Sura, it was revealed how he has spent his life, what were his priorities and how he has struggled to earn a name for himself.

“Jamil was not only a great painter but also a great human being. He always said, ‘If a person is a better human being, he will also be a better professional’. He didn’t belong to a single community, culture or a country, he was the citizen of the world and a very kind human being. In Jamil’s world, there were no boundaries and for the very same reason his thoughts, ideas, and art had reached beyond any known frontiers”.

Cezanne Naqsh shared some beautiful memories of his father stating that his father was a true devotee of arts. He is a source of inspiration for him.

“He was equally a loving father too and I dearly miss my discussions with him on art, architecture, philosophy and on life as a whole and all these discussions used to reflect the values and principles he dearly followed all his life and too much extent has inculcated in me as well.”

Here are those few lines which Jamil Naqsh had once penned down in order to explain his own existence:

“Formed of well kneaded earth,

To return to the earth,

So that others can be born,

To confirm my being!”

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