Jobs opportunities to be announced soon Faisal vawda

Jobs opportunities to be announced soon – Vawda claims


Islamabad: Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vawda on Monday has claimed that keeping in mind the growing unemployment between the youth of Pakistan, the government would offer a number of job opportunities for them to enhance their skills and make better use of their talents. Job opportunities should be announced soon.

While talking to News Channel, Faisal Vawda has stunned the host as well as the guest of the show with his claims of announcing job opportunities for the jawans.

He added that the current government is well aware of the problems of masses and it will make sure to arrange necessary measures to redress them.

While replying to a question about expelling media workers, the minister has urged the owners of the media houses to stop terminating old workers otherwise they could face a shortage of employees in days to come.

Vawda reiterated the government’s stance that it would fulfill its responsibilities regarding alleviating poverty from the country.

Taking a swipe at previous governments, Vawda said that the economic crisis was created by previous regimes, adding that the heavy borrowing of loans taken by the last governments had opened up a big challenge for the present leadership. Things take time. People should not lose hope in the present government.

Criticizing the policies of the previous governments, he further stated that the country was confronted with multiple economic challenges that were solely caused by the wring policies taken by the previous government, adding that the institutions and economy of the country had been destroyed badly by the leaders of PPP and PML-N.

The current government is facing a lot of problems to stabilize the economy of the country.

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