Junaid Khan joined Indus Hospital’s Cause as Goodwill Ambassador


Pakistan’s acclaimed singer turned actor Junaid Khan shakes hands with the Indus Hospital to serve its cause as the Goodwill Ambassador.

It is pertinent to note that Junaid khan has been visiting the hospital for quite some days. Through his visits, he has shown his sincerity and commitment to the Indus Hospital’s cause.

According to the media sources, Junaid khan has been recently appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Indus Hospital and its cause to serve people healthy and prosperous life.

This charity based hospital is offering the medical treatment of the poor people of the country as free of cost.

While his name was being announced, he approached and delivered,

“I visited the Indus Hospital a few days ago and left the place inspired and full of hope. I am honored to join their cause.”

Moreover, Junaid Khan also expressed the pleasure of being the Goodwill Ambassador on his Instagram handle. He wrote,

“If I am able to do something during the course of my life and when I will be presented in front of the Lord Almighty, I will be relieved to some extent that I made use of my existence.”

It is also worth mentioning that he has spent the World Cancer Day with the cancer patients at Indus Hospital, Karachi.

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