“Kahay Dil Jidhar” reveals its official trailer and fans are super excited


Junaid Khan and Mansha Pansha starrer film “Kahay Dil Jidhar” has revealed its first official trailer and their fans are super excited to see them together on the big screen.

“Kahay Dil Jidhar” reveals its official trailer and fans are super excited

Junaid Khan has already surprised his fans with a lot of hit drama serials to hit credit. Top among them are Yaarian and Kam Zarf. While Mansha Pasha has always been the audience’s favorite. The girl was not shy even essaying a negative role in the recently concluded drama serial “Surkh Chandni”.

It is worth noticing that Mansha Pasha has already a few films to her credit while for Junaid Khan, it is his debut film.

“Laal Kabootar”

Apart from this film, Mansha has 2 other hit films attached to her name. Her last film was directed by Kamal Khan. It is titled “Laal Kabootar” in which she was appearing opposite Ahmed Ali Akbar.

In this upcoming film, “Kahay Dil Jidhar” Mansha Pasha is essaying the role of a journalist who is very clear in her intentions and motives. She wanted to expose the true face of our society. Being a news anchor, she has the ability to expose social evils.

She is on her mission to bring positivity in society. She wanted to unveil all those evil forces which are eating our society. That’s what she is stick to. And we have got to know a lot about her character through the trailer.

Valiant policeman named Sheheryar

On the other hand, we have Junaid Khan. He is a powerful man essaying the role of a valiant policeman named Sheheryar.

So, for now, we have been introduced with two main characters of the film and their motives are clear. In the first teaser, we could hear him saying some positive changes are already taking place.

Moreover, both characters have a strong passion and aim to hit. Junaid’s character will help Mansha’s character to unveil the evils presented in our society.

Face of journalism

In the almost one-minute teaser, we hear Junaid Khan echoing an optimistic message as he says I can already see change coming. His character also encourages Mansha about how she will change the face of journalism.

According to some recent sources, the film is based on the transformation, friendship, and self-discovery of the leading couple.

Apart from Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha, the film is featuring Sajid Hassan, Atiqa Odho, Roma Michael and Noman Bari in pivotal roles.

Directed by Jalal Rumi

The upcoming film is directed by Jalal Rumi, while it is produced under the banner of Wijdaan Films. The film is destined to release in March 2020.

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