Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 02 Review


“Kahin Deep Jalay” is Geo TV’s newly begin drama serial. The serial has already delivered a hit with its first episode which went on air last Thursday. It is getting a lot of public appreciation which its unique theme and concept.

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Director Saima Waseem

It is directed by Saima Waseem and penned down by Qaisara Hayat. Fans are excited to see Neelum Munir and Imran Ashraf together as a couple. Neelum Munir is playing the role of Rida while Imran Ashraf is essaying the role of Zeeshan in this serial.

Rida, a girl with strong moral values is the only sister of three brothers and hence, she is the most ladli one. On the other hand, Zeeshan Has lost his father and with his death, both he and his mother are penniless.

So, the episode begins with Zeeshan getting her mother’s treatment at a government hospital when his mamoo cum savior approached and consoles him.

His mamoo took his sister and Zeeshan with him in his house. He even arranged a job for him. He has been selected by the company and now assuring a good position at his office.

Then we have been cast into a house party which has been set by the Rida’s family as her elder brother Hatim has returned form America. All the important guests including Rida’s friend Rushna and her brother arrived at the party.

Throughout the party scene, Shameela has kept her eyes upon Rida. She is jealous of her. Rushna’s brother talked to Rida that she is looking beautiful but Rida doesn’t bother him. Shameela has caught the wrong direction thinking that they might have been an affair.

Rushna’s brother actually loves Rida and is trying to express his feelings but every time he left unlucky or disappointed regretting himself for doing stuff like this.

But Rida has no feelings for him. The next day she visits Rushna to discuss their farewell party theme when Rushna’s brother sees her. Rushna is not at home and her brother tried to purpose Rida by holding her hands.

Rida is all frightened. She insulted him saying that “This was too much”. She gets mad at him and immediately leaves the place.

Shameela is exactly the opposite of Rida. Apart from being jealous of her, she is mean and clever enough to replace her position in his fiancé’s life.

On the other hand, Rida’s brother Hatim wants to do the job in Pakistan. He has joined Zeeshan’s company and both interact with each other. Perhaps this is the time for the meet up of this year’s sweetest couple, Neelum and Imran.

Let’s wait for the next episode.

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