Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 05 Review


“Kahin Deep Jalay” is Geo Entertainment’s newly begin drama serial featuring the gorgeous Neelum Munir and Imran Ashraf in lead roles.

This week’s episode marks nothing special except a few interesting scenes that revolved around the life of Rida. Most importantly its Rida’s birthday and she even doesn’t remember it due to her exam stress. She is teased by her younger brother who has scared her. She runs into the garden seeking help from her brother Faham. He lets her into her Birthday party which was arranged by her family.

The entire scene was full of laughter and pleasures as the family has really enjoyed her birthday. And of course, Rida is the only sister of the three brothers.

On the other hand, Rushna asked her brother to take some gifts and flowers to Rida’s place as she is busy preparing for her exam. He agreed and take a beautiful bouquet, cake and several gifts for her. One gift belonged to his side which is a poetry book.

In addition to these gifts, he has penned down a heartfelt note for Rida in which he has expressed his feelings and love for her. He folded it down and put it inside the poetry book.

Shameela, on the other hand, has forgotten Rida’s birthday. However, she lied to Faham saying that she has even but gifts for her as well. She asked him that she would plan a dinner for Rida to make her day memorable. Hearing this, Faham’s love for Shameela increases. However, he is not familiar with the dirty tactics that Shameela will play in his house.

Moreover, she checks her bhabhi’s personal cupboard and discovered a set of gold. She creates a huge mess in the house after telling her mother that her bhabhi is a thief who has stolen her mother’s gold chain and in return has made this set.

Through this cunning nature, we can already guess what she will do in the life of Rida after stepping into the house of her in-laws.

On the other hand, Hatim is receiving immoral messages from an unknown number regarding Rida. He is mad and furious at the person. However, he is unable to find out who that man is. We as the audience are actually surprised to hear all this. Who is trying to defame Rida in front of her family? For one moment, we can think that it is perhaps Shameela because except her there is no one who hates Rida and her loving nature.

One good news for the family of Shameela happened when her marriage day was fixed and it is exactly after 10 days. The viewers are actually feeling pity for the family of Rida which is making pleasures and excited for the wedding of their elder brother Faham. They don’t know what storm is going to engulf their entire house. This storm is none other than Shameela herself.

Zeeshan’s mother also informed him about his marriage. They are about to see his future bride and just visited their house. While seating there, Zeeshan received a lot of questions regarding his business. However, he felt really sorry to say that he is a salaried person. They asked for their salary and he asked it’s around 1 lac and 50 thousand. However, the other family is not happy with his income. And the episode ends on a disappointing note as Zeeshan felt really insulted in front of them.

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