“Kahin Deep Jalay” Episode 06 Review


This week’s episode of newly begins drama serial “Kahin Deep Jalay” marked major developments in the story. Gradually the serial is gripping its main concept which is “Those who are not happy for you, are not happy for themselves”.

Here the main villain is Shameela, the sister in law of Rida who is a kind of very sweet and loving girl. She always thinks positive and loves everybody around her. However, Shameela is very jealous of her. She is jealous of how Rida’s brothers treated her with full affection and love while her brother is always acting upon his wife’s decisions, not loving her at all.

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Kahin Deep Jalay

The episode begins with the wedding preparations of Shameela and Faham. Shameela is quite angry as her mother in law has rejected dowry while she wants her brother to spend on her. She discussed this with Faham and he tried to explain to her that they do not want materialistic things.

Later on, she went shopping with Faham and choose dresses of her own choice. However, after confirming that Rida has gone with her friend Rushna instead of her, she again gets angry at her. She has been constantly receiving instructions from her mother to change her attitude and behavior towards Rida, however, she is not getting it.

Hatim invited Zeeshan and his mother for his brother’s wedding after especially visiting him at his house. They discussed how his mother has managed to take care of all of his siblings including him after their father passed away. Zeeshan’s mother truly understands the efforts of a woman who is left alone in this world. She appreciated Hatim’s mother and her tarbiat.

One interesting thing happens when Hatim went to see Rida in her room and discovered some love poetry and messages on her cell phone. He noted down the number and later on called. However, his call has been attended by Rushna and he is actually surprised to hear her voice. For one second, he thought of Touqeer but later gives it off. This thing really perturbed his piece of mind.

In the later part of the serial, the viewers were showed with wedding celebrations as the family is ready for barat. Zeeshan just arrived at the venue in time and thought that perhaps the barat has not arrived yet. He asked his mother to sit down while he looks for Hatim. Accidently Rida’s dupatta has just got fire and Zeeshan was there to help her out as a hero. The very moment the saw at each other, it gives me the ‘tujhy dekha to ye jana sanam’ feelings.

Zeeshan saved her life and the serial ended. Such a wonderful episode it was!

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“Kahin Deep Jalay” Episode 06 Review
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