Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 07 Review


A drama serial which revolves around those people who are not happy with their lives and are not letting anyone else happy as well. Such is a character in this story that has destroyed the lives of all those people who are associated with her.

Shameela, the addition to Rida’s family has taken her role as she showed anger and misbehavior with her younger brother-in-law Asim.

After the wedding was over, Shameela has been taken into the Faham’s house where his family performed some rituals. As we all know that Asim is the naughtiest among them all, he continues teasing his sister-in-law Shameela in Kahein Deep Jalay Episode 07 Review.

Shameela felt it to her heart and asked her mother-in-law that she is quite tired and wants to relax in her room. Faham followed her to their room and then explained to her that his family is as important for him as his wife (Shameela) is to him. He asked her that he has over reacted to the situation and that she should not behave like this. Shameela is not feeling good, however, she promises him that she would take care next time.

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Kahin Deep Jalay

In the morning, she is welcomed by all the family members on the dining table. Her mother-in-law has cooked all the delicious food items for her. She created a mess again on the dining table not tasting a single item. She rudely said that she is not feeling well and going to her room.

Shameela is actually upset that his brother is not there with nashta s it is believed traditionally. She is all jealous and burning inside. Faham once again told her that she has been rude on the dining table. If her brother wasn’t there then his mother is not responsible for it. She again apologized for what she has done but deep inside she is not guilty at all.

On the other hand, Zeeshan is all time lost thinking about Rida. Hatim introduced him to his sister Rida and brother Asim. From then onwards, she checks upon her time and again and is completely lost praising her beauty. His mother also liked Rida and is thinking of making Rida her daughter-in-law. Zeeshan is quite excited and happy about the idea as he is completely reacting like a Majnu who is lost in the thoughts of his Laila.

Shameela also showed her true colors after telling Faham that the dresses which Rida has bought for her are not comfortable to wear at home. They are heavily embroidered and one can’t wear these dresses for routine work at home. However, Faham handled her saying that she can wear something else because each color suits her. We must say that a person like Faham who is quite understanding and loving deserves a wife like Shameela who is cunning from her heart.

By the very end of the episode, we have witnessed that Rida and her mother visited Rushna’s house to say thanks to them for their efforts in Faham’s wedding. Rushna’s mother revealed that soon Rushna is also going to marry and she will be alone in her house. Rida’s mother asked her to set the wedding ceremony of her son as well. But she refused and said that her son doesn’t want to marry because he loves a girl who ha left her. Deep inside Rida knows that the girl she is talking about is none other than she herself. However, she remains quiet and doesn’t say anything regarding the matter.

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