Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 08 and 09

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 08 and 09


This week’s episode of happy go lucky drama serial “Kahin Deep Jalay” marks major twists in both plot and story development. Shameela is on her way to ruin Rida’s life as she is jealous of all the attention and love that Rida receives from her brothers.

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 08 and 09

On the other hand, Rida, a character beautifully essayed by the gorgeous Neelum Munir, has love bells ringing in her heart for Zeeshan. Imran Ashraf’s character as Zeeshan is quite remarkable. This week’s mega episode has mega changes that happened in the serial. Getting started with Rida, she called Tauqeer as she is disturbed to hear his mother’s views about the girl Tauqeer loves. She asked him to marry Javeria. He tries to open his heart for her but just like always she rejects to acknowledge his feelings for her.

Shameela asked Faham that they should spend some time together and gives the idea of going to Paris. Faham readily agrees and asked for her passport. After going to her mother’s place, she bragged the idea of going to Paris in front of her bhabhi to make her jealous of her lot. Moreover, she shows off her expensive jewelry items to her mother again to jealous her sister-in-law. Faham notes each and everything and gets disturbed.

One of the most interesting things that happened is that Shameela received those weird messages against Rida which were received by Hatim earlier. She has already planned in her mind to defame Rida in front of her family and she took the task. Firstly, she tried to convince Faham that Rida has an affair. However, he strictly opposed the idea saying that Rida would surely tell him if there was anything like this. He requested her to stay away from these type of thoughts.

Ridiculous remarks about Rida

However, Shameela is not going to stop. She called her mother and discussed all this with her making ridiculous remarks about Rida. It was her bad luck that her mother-in-law has heard her saying all this and she is shocked to hear this. She immediately stopped her and now Shameela has to face her.

Shameela started crying in front of her bagging for a single chance. She asked to give her one last chance and she would not do anything like this again. Meanwhile, Faham arrived at the spot and witnessed all this. His mother leaves and he asked Shameela what was going on. Just like always, Shameela is not guilty, rather she told him the other side of the story saying that his mother thought that she is complaining to her mother about her in-laws. She told him all this while swearing him. We really wonder how she swears him and then keeps on telling lies.

In the later part of the show, Zeeshan and his mother came to ask for Rida’s hand to her family. Rida likes Zeeshan as it is shown by her expressions and feelings.

There comes a lot of romantic interactions between Rida and Zeeshan. Upon being asked for Rida, her mother refused her saying that Rida is still studying and they have not planned her marriage yet. However, Zeeshan’s mother emotionally tried to convince her and Rida’s mother asked her for time.
The matter is being discussed in the house. Hatim has no objection at all. However, Faham refused this rishta saying that it’s too early for Rida to get marry. And hence, the discussion gets closed.
On the other hand, Rida shared these details with her friend Rushna which her bhabhi hears. All her excitement vanishes and she tried to go inside but Shameela starts taunting her and the serial comes to an end.
Well, I must say that the play is hooking its audience and going really well. We just can’t wait for the next episode.

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 08 and 09
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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 08 and 09
This week’s episode of happy go lucky drama serial “Kahin Deep Jalay” marks major twists in both plot and story development
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