Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 10 Review

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 10 Review


Key points

  • Shameela is destroying the peace of the house
  • Rida’s mother gets hospitalized
  • Zeeshan is always thinking about Rida
  • Faham discovered his old colleague cum enemy

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 10 Review

“Kahin Deep Jalay” is a story of all those people who are not happy with their lot and are not letting others happy either. Here, Shameela is essaying the role of a jealous and self-obsessed girl. She has a complex and feels jealous of Rida.

Rida is the most favorite of her family. Everybody loves her and that’s something which is not letting Shameela live peacefully. Rida, who is addicted to only love and care, gets shocked when her sister in law tried to defame her after vilifying her character.

From the very beginning of the show, Shameela insulted Rida saying that she perfectly knows how to lure men and to make them fall in love with her. She asked her how she manages to do it so perfectly. Rida starts weeping while hearing all this. She doesn’t know how to react in a situation like this. She went away and keeps on weeping.

Kahin Deep Jalay

Faham got to know that she is weeping and gets tensed and asked her the reason. She explained to him all the stuff that her sister in law has said to him. Faham is disturbed as well. Faham got furious at Shameela and asked her to get out of their house.

For the first time, Rida’s house has experienced such a big melo drama. Rida’s mother also arrived and asked them the reason for all this drama. Witnessing all this, her blood pressure shoots up and she gets fainted.

Shameela’s mother also got to know about her sister’s health. She is worried as well because she knows her daughter very well. Faham is not ready to forgive Shameela for what she has done. Though Shameela apologized about all the stuff, he is still offended. He clearly asked Rida to take care of their mother.

On the other hand, Zeeshan is all in love with Rida, thinking about her all the time. She makes fantasies in his mind about Rida. There are romantic gazes which they exchanged in his fantasy while playing the piano.

He is worried as well because there is no response from her family. He asked his mother to again talk to her family so that they may reconsider his proposal. So, his mother and her bhabhi visited Rida’s house. Rida’s mother has clearly refused them saying that her brothers are not ready for her marriage. However, Zeeshan’s mother insisted on her to reconsider it as they will surely take care of Rida.

Shameela is so mean at her heart, that even after her apology she is not getting slow. She is planning to become the sole owner of the house. Her mother comes to meet her and she told her that she will soon become the mistress of the house after throwing Rida and Khala jaan out of the house. Her mother in law heard all this and abruptly said that she doesn’t need to take pain in doing so as she herself will give her the keys.

Coming to the end of the episode, the police officer has arrested a man who was sending inappropriate messages to Hatim and Shameela. For Faham’s surprise, he was none other than his old colleague who has now turned into his enemy. He was shocked to see that he has done all this.

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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 10 Review
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