Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 11 Review

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 11 Review



  • Rida passed her exams with an ‘A’ grade
  • Shameela still tries to defame Rida
  • Rida’s family accepts Zeeshan’s proposal

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 11 Review

In this episode, the person who was trying vain attempts to defame Rida has in front of Faham. He appeared to be a family member and Faham is all at loss to discover him as the culprit. He doesn’t know how to react. He is surprised. He used to work at Faham’s factory. However, he started dealing with the drugs and Faham got to know this so he made him arrest. He admitted that he has been sending all those messages to his family because he wanted to avenge him.

It is also cleared that he has sent a proposal for Rida through his mother. However, Faham’s mother refused to do so. Ever since he has been burning in this fire. He threatens Faham that he will continue doing so even after Rida’s marriage and then no one would believe her. Hearing this Faham gets furious and asked him to stay away from his sister otherwise he would kill him

On the other hand, Rida passed her exams after securing an ‘A’ grade. She is very happy and excited to know this. Shameela is not ready to see her happy. However, she keeps on disguising herself under Rida’s well-wisher.

Rida invited Rushna at her home to celebrate their success. While she was busy with her friend, Shameela has called Zeeshan very cunningly. The moment Zeeshan called back, but she didn’t attend his call. Later he sends her a congratulating note for securing good grades which Shameela showed to Rida’s mother.

She then tried to make herself clear that she was actually concerned about Rida and that is the reason that she asked her to stay away from such activities as it is not good for girls. Rida’s mother is shocked. However, deep inside, she knew that something is wrong and that Shameela is once again planning something really evil against her daughter.

Taking notice of all that, Rida’s mother decided to marry her daughter with Zeeshan as she doesn’t want anyone to vilify Rida’s character anymore. Her sons are quite shocked to hear that sudden decision. Asim is the one who is not happy with the decision. Hatim already agreed and Faham has nothing to say in front of his mother.

Faham fully supports his mother in her decision. He gets to know that she is heartbroken and whatever she has decided for Rida, it is surely good for her. However, when Shameela asked him about all this, he said that no there was no discussion regarding Rida’s marriage.

By the end of the episode, Faham and Rida’s mother visits Zeeshan’s house to give their consent to the marriage. Zeeshan and his family are very excited and happy to know that they have accepted their proposal.

One of the interesting things is that Zeeshan’s Mammu and Faham are business partners and he really respects him. Faham gets satisfied to hear this.

Rida’s mother told Rida that she has fixed her marriage and Rida is not happy to hear this. She asked her mother that she doesn’t want to leave them but her mother gets emotional. She said that it is the custom and every girl has to leave her house. And the serial ends while they both hug each other.

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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 11 Review
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