Kahin Deep Jalay Episode 3 Review


Geo Entertainment’s “Kahin Deep Jalay” is becoming the audience’s favorite after each passing episode. The drama serial revolves around a girl Rida. The makers of the show have very brilliantly portrayed how hatred and jealousy can completely destroy the life of a person.

Being the only sister of the house, Rida has got all the love from her brothers. She is the apple of their eyes especially of the eldest one, Fahaam. We are already familiar with Neelum Munir’s remarkable performances not on at the TV screens but also at the silver screen. She has very beautifully done the role of Rida.

The love of Fahaam for Rida can be determined when he visited all the bazars to get his sister a matching dupatta which was very necessary for her. He can do anything to please her even sacrificing his own peace.

In contrast, Shameela never got the love of her brother owing to her own wrong doings and outspoken nature. This thing really pinches her.

Shameela herself wanted to get married as soon as possible as she cannot tolerate her bhabhi. Her bhabhi, on the other hand, has the same feelings for her. She requested her husband to apply for loan for the wedding of his sister Shameela. Her happiness shows that Shameela is such a girl creating mess all around.

Rida is such a girl who knows how to hold all the love and respect she receives from her brothers. She is a girl with strong moral values that is the reason that she never responded positively to Rushna’s brother. He tried to make it clear that his intensions and feelings for her are pure and full of love. However, she refused to listen to him and immediately gets off the car.

Side by side, we have been given the story of Zeeshan, the role played by Imran Ashraf. He was all helpless when his mamu helped him out in standing on his feet and getting him a good job. However, he is quite tensed about his mother who falls down on the kitchen floor while preparing his breakfast.

He takes her to the hospital without informing anybody at the office. His boss is furious to know that and asked for his termination letter. However, Hatim, the elder brother of Rida, interrupts and managed to cool him down after stopping Zeeshan’s termination letter.

He searched for Zeeshan and discovered that his mother has been shifted to the hospital.

On the other hand, Shameela and his mother just visited her in-laws. After meeting her sister and her family, Shameela’s mother prays for their eternal happiness.

While sitting at the dining table, Shameela once again felt how Rida is treated so lovingly by her brothers. And once again she is jealous of Rida’s lot. Meanwhile, Fahaam plans to visit the beach as all the members are free today. Everybody agrees and they just get themselves ready to enjoy at beach.

While talking to Shameela at the beach, Fahaam instantly leaves her hand to recue Rida who is shouting at her brother for not carrying her properly as she is riding a horse.

Shameela felt this to her heart and keeps looking at her hand which Fahaam has left.

So, just wait for the next episode.

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