Kahin Deep Jaley Episode 22 Review


“Kahin Deep Jaley” is Geo Entertainment’s ongoing hit drama serial featuring the stunning Neelum Munir and Imran Ashraf in the lead roles.

This week’s episode of the drama serial revealed how Shameela instead of repenting for all her wrong doings of the past, keeps on playing her dirty moves in the family. She doesn’t even realize for a second that perhaps the death of her husband had happened because of her own wrong doings.

Shameela is one such personality in the house who is not ready to accept her fault rather she keeps on blaming Rida for the murder of her husband. Rida and her mother can’t do anything because no one believes them.

In the recent episode, we have witnessed how Shameela keeps on hating Rida and blaming her for everything. She carried and a knife and decided to kill Rida while she was sleeping. Luckily, Rida’s maid caught her and struggles to snatch the knife from her. Meanwhile, Hatim reached the scene and found her mother holding the knife and pointing it towards Shameela.

Taking advantage of the moment, Shameela keeps on bagging Hatim to save her life as his mother was going to kill her. Rida, her maid, and her mother tried to convince Hatim that Shameela is lying but Hatim didn’t listen. He believes Shameela and left the place in a bad mood.

On the other hand, Zeeshan is very upset about what has happened. His mother is not talking to him because he has misbehaved with his wife. She advised him to take Rida back home but he is sticking to his decision.

Deep inside, he knew that it is because of his own weakness that he is not letting Rida step into the house. He admitted that he could forgive her but then he has to face the criticism for not being able to become a father for the rest of his life.

Shameela is not letting anyone stay happily in the house. Rida came to make an apology but again she creates a huge drama out of it called Hatim and Asim by telling them that their mother was again trying to kill her. Finding no solution, Hatim dropped her to her mother’s house.

Touqeer’s sister who is also Rida’s best friend called her to lament the death of her brother. While talking Rida revealed that it is because of them that now she has nothing. Her brother has died and her husband has taken her out of his house. She revealed that she is the same girl whom Touqeer loves.

Things are getting complicated now. Touqeer is also upset to find out that Rida’s marriage has been broken and that it is only because of the letter he has written to her on her birthday.

Let’s wait for the next episode and till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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