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Kaisa Hy Naseeban—Maryam’s parents finally realized their mistakes


As we already know that “Kaisa Hy Naseeban” aims at portraying the hardships and sufferings of marital abuse and domestic violence.

In the recent episode of the drama serial, we have seen Waheed helping Maryam in all the possible manners. He has arranged an agent for Maryam who is all set to send her back to Pakistan. On the other hand, Ahmed, not being guilty of what he has actually done to the life of a woman who just loved him, is living shamelessly at his Mamoo’s place. However, things take a turn. Circumstances are not the same at all times. Maryam’s entrance into the house was the end of Ahmed’s abusive behavior and Maryam’s sufferings. She has told her parents each and every detail.

She cries her heart in front of her parents. She told them what Ahmed has done to her. He has killed their baby adding that she won’t be a mother again. After listening to all this, Maryam’s father gets cold towards Ahmed and pushed him away ordering him to leave the house immediately. He has told his sisters that their relation is no more and he has out of his house on account of what he has done to his daughter.

In Malaysia, Waheed has just returned Sana’s belongings and her Haq Meher amount too. Sana’s mother tries to persuade him but Sana destroyed everything by again and again insulting him. So they are left with no source now.

Ahmed got a job at Petrol Pump but he is waiting for an appropriate moment to get moey and flee back to Malaysia. At the end of the episode, we see that Maryam’s father gets another attack and he is taken to the hospital.

The promo of the episode reveals that Affan is still concerned about Maryam and his mother warns him to stay away from her which perhaps Farah just heard. Things are getting messy between the families. Even knowing much about the situations and happenings, we are quite eager to find more. What is going to happen next?

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