Kaisa Hy Naseeban – After Ahmed, his memories are now haunting Maryam in dreams


As we already know that ARY Digital’s blockbuster ‘Kaisa Hy Naseeban’ is moving towards its end. With an emotionally engaging story of a girl who suffers domestic abuse, the show has acted as an eye opener leaving a lot more thoughts to ponder over.
During the course of the drama, we have seen Maryam’s enduring personality, how she has managed to counter every single torture with quite a brave front.
The recent episodes shed light over Affan’s character. He is a gentleman in the true sense but his mother, however, has thought ill of him misunderstanding his care for love. She considered that he might still have feelings for Maryam which is not fair as he is married now and in one way or another, he is neglecting his role as a husband.
The climax arises when Farah over hears all this. Her reaction was quite dramatic and strong. She is not convinced even after Affan sets things in the bowl of explanation.

Maryam, on the other hand, is completely scared of Ahmed’s memories. Even when Ahmed’s name has been spoken before her, she shudders with fear. Not only, in reality, but Ahmed also is not sparing her in her dreams. She keeps dreaming about the days she was a victim of the physical violence subjected by Ahmed.


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Towards the end, we have seen Farah’s obsession with her husband’s past. She suggests him to leave her and marry Maryam on which Affan badly scolded her mentioning that he only loves her now and would not tolerate if she’ll speak such words again. Farah asked him to always help Maryam the way he did and Affan promises to do so.

However, Ahmed is not done with Maryam’s sufferings. He wants to make her alone the way he is. He calls his mother and sister but they didn’t respond on which he thought the Maryam is responsible for his condition. After shamelessly entering into the Maryam’s house, he started vilifying her character. When Maryam spoke up for the first time for her right to divorce, her father’s supports her which again hurt Ahmed’s ego as a man.
We haven’t witnessed Uzma Gillani’s evil intentions in the recent episode, however, she’ll definitely appear in the last episode to set things for her own children as she always did.

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