Kaisa Hy Naseeban

Kaisa Hy Naseeban – The Last Episode has a lot more to learn


Kaisa Hy Naseeban Last Episode
People who have loved ARY’s famous drama serial ‘Kaisa Hy Naseeban’ are quite sad as the last episode of the drama serial went on air yesterday. The show was indeed a beautiful piece of art. The plot, story, actions and end, everything was brilliantly handled.

We have witnessed Ahmed’s cold behavior towards Maryam throughout the drama serial. In the last episode, we have seen him again subjecting her to violence and projecting gender superiority. According to him, he has owned Maryam after getting married to her. However, this time it was enough for Maryam to tolerate his abusive nature. She has decided to file ‘Khula’ papers against him as he is not willing to divorce her. Affan arrested Ahmed on the charge of misbehaving and torturing his wife.

On the other hand, we have seen Maryam’s Phupho and nand who have approached Pakistan. Jamal’s indifference towards his sister makes her wonder and she is even blaming him for not respect him. He has made her clear that after what they have done to her daughter he does not want to have any relation with them.

The situation gets quite emotional with the court scene where Maryam’s father speaks his heart aloud in front of the judge. He has explained each and every detail of how Ahmed and his family have betrayed his daughter. She was subjected to violence while living in Malaysia.

Ahmed, on the other hand, keeps trying to convince them that he’ll never do it again but no one believes him this time, after all, he is not saying it with pure intentions. While Maryam asked him to leave her. She does not want anything else from him. However, he is not willing to do so. He is burning with anger. He wants to teach her a lesson and for this, he lied in the court that he is changed now. He will respect her but it was all useless.

The judge has given his verdict in which Ahmed has to suffer imprisonment of 3 years along with the fine of Rs. 2 lacs. After the court session, he warned Maryam that he would not spare her at which he slaps him.


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Last 6 months has really been an eye opening journey for me! From when I signed #KaisaHaiNaseeban and decided to take up the role of Mariam (a victim of marital abuse in a foreign land) to today when the character has been receiving immense love, the drama has been getting the ratings on TV and trending on YouTube, and my social media is getting filled with emotionally charged messages every day! Embracing Mariam has really made me understand the plight of the women who have suffered and survived or continue to remain silent and live this life!! There are real Mariam’s out there, around us, maybe within our own friends or family and they need our help … and together we need to help them and build awareness about violence against women to make sure Pakistan’s future is better from today! Violence against women in Pakistan is #NotAGame – it is punishable by law and #iPledge to never commit, excuse or remain silent about any form of domestic violence!! Are you with me?

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Moving towards the end, Ahmed tries to befool the constables and run away from them but unfortunately, he got hit by a car and was taken to the hospital. After the operation, the surgeon told his mother that he is out of danger but will never be able to stand on his feet as his spinal cord is damaged badly.

He asked his mother to call Maryam as he wants to apologize to her with all his hearts. Nusrat requested Maryam to visit Ahmed as he is in a very bad condition. Maryam goes there and forgives him with all her heart. Then we have been shown a leap of 6 months. Maryam’s life gets a track as she was honored with her own office. However, Ahmed and his family are living from hand to mouth.

The drama serial ended with a beautiful verse from Al Quran which stated:
“Jo Bura Kary ga wo bura anjam paye ga Aur jo Achai kary ga wo acha anjam paye ga”.
The drama serial is directed was Ahmed Bhatti and penned by Sameena Aijaz.

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