Kaisa Hy Naseeban

Kaisa Hy Naseeban” Spreading Awareness Among The Masses


Are you familiar with this trending drama serial “Kaisa Hy Naseeban” on ARY Digital? If not then you must start watching the serial as it will help you to understand the harsh and stalk realities of life. The pictures of the society being portrayed seriously captures the attention of the viewers. It’s quite close to reality. It shows how even your blood relatives can use you for their own purposes. I bet you won’t regret watching the drama. Shaadi is Pakistan is considered to be one of the most emerging societal topics.

Societal Pressures

In our society, most often considered as the patriarchal society, women suffer greatly. Marital abuse is rampant. And if a woman decides to fight for her rights, our elders shut her by saying ‘what the so called society would say’. Log batain bnayen gy. This ‘log batain bnayen gy’ have ruined the lives of many women in Pakistan. It’s really sickening!

Close to Reality

The endurance on the part of women is bitterly portrayed in the drama serial where Ramsha Khan played the role of an oppressed wife and bahu while Muneeb(Ahmed) is seen oppressing his wife time and again showing male chauvinism. Maryam (Ramsha) often times feel him like a psychopath. Uzma Gillani is seen as ‘typical saas’. Throughout the drama serial, Maryam’s sasural waly are treating her like a servant. They used her every time to fill up their personal pursuits. Sometimes, Maryam revolted against them and speaks out but again her saas shuts her by emotionally blackmailing her about her father and sister, who is yet not married. Ahmed even does not care for her self-respect and uses her to teach his friend a lesson.

I don’t know when this domestic violence and marital abuse will end and when women will be free from all societal pressures. This dram serial is really worth watching.

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