Kaisa Hy Nasseban

Kaisa Hy Nasseban Maryam is again trapped in the web of Malaysia


“Kaisa Hy Nasseban”, has brought another blast of two of its episodes. The drama serial is all set to make its audience wonder about what is going to happen next. Loaded with excitement and suspense, it portrays the never ending sufferings of Maryam. Ahmed, who despite being unveiled in front of Maryam’s Parents, was quite successful in dragging Maryam back to Malaysia with his cunning nature.
Muneeb Butt and Uzma Gillani being depicted as the loathsome characters are doing their well.
With the very start of the episode, Ahmed slaps Maryam for wearing a sari, as he has not allowed her to wear it. He starts losing control over every single thing that Maryam does. While Maryam is now all aware of Ahmed’s guiltless apologizing speeches that he repeats time and again.


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Maryam, being portrayed as quite a sensitive and sensible girl, is much aware of her father’s state of mind that he won’t be able to bear his daughter’s sufferings. Keeping in mind, her family and her sister’s wedding, Maryam remained silent as she doesn’t want to spoil the pleasure of the evening. She endures every shitty thing that Ahmed does to her. But deep inside, she feels broken.

As the episode leads, Ahmed being selfish and mean got jealous of the watch that Affan was wearing. Later on, he investigates Maryam about the watch and after her explanation, he spews all his venom by declaring Maryam as a character-less girl who has an illegitimate relation with Affan, who is her brother-in-law now.

Maryam trapped again

At this Maryam’s patience level reaches its peak and she is determined enough for not going back to Malaysia. Well, quite a wise decision!
Later we see that Maryam speaks in front of her parents. Again, Ahmed’s double faced nature entices his Mamoo to believe him rather than believing his daughter. We have seen Maryam’s mother, who feels the pain of her daughter but seems helpless before her husband’s decisions.
As the episode reaches its ending sessions, we are informed about Maryam’s conversation with Affan. She explained to him, all her sufferings and how broken she feels insides. She shared with him all the miseries that she encountered at Malaysia saying that she doesn’t want to go back to Malaysia.
On the other hand, at the end of the episode, Ahmed is successful in deceiving Maryam’s parents through a drama of his mother’s heart attack. Maryam’s father orders her to go back to her home with her husband and she was helpless against her father’s will. While reaching Malaysia, Ahmed put off his mask by tearing apart Maryam’s passport.
It seemed that Maryam is now going to suffer more. Let’s see what the new episodes of the drama will unfold.


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