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Pakistani drama industry is getting better and better day by day. Kamzarf on Geo TV is a drama serial that will not offer you lectures as some of the dramas do. Rather their motif is to balance between relationships. Through light entertainment the drama serial is well known for giving life time lessons about tolerating, expressing patience and spreading goodness everywhere.

We are already aware of Aima’s nature that how mean and selfish she is. She used her siblings for her own purposes. She is controlling their lives. They are not even allowed to choose a life partner for themselves against her will. She is the boss who rules the home. Azar’s life has become a complete mess just because of her. He is even not happy with his marital life.

However, the recent development in the show has completed changed Azar’s mind and heart about his wife. He started developing a feeling for his wife eventually falling in love with her. But Aima is not happy as she doesn’t want their union.


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Asim forces his brother to bring Fouzia back as she has left her home because of Azar’s cold behavior towards her. However, Azar is resolute to not beg to her to come back but deep inside he actually wants her to come back. He misses her presence in the home. But being a man of ego he is not allowed to do so. Fouzia is also resolute to not go back to her home.

While discussing their future life, both Faria and Asim planned to bring Fouzia back and as a surprise, the plan actually works.

Like a real hero, Azar apologizes to Fouzia for his cold behavior and all the past mistakes. Fouzia’s happiness knew no bounds. She is not even believing that it is actually happening. Everybody is quite happy to see them happy but wait1 our lady boss is not happy with the couple! Damn! What she will now plan to ruin their lives? We have no idea. To get an answer to this question, you first need to watch the next episode that will unfold the next stories.
The drama serial with quite an interesting and strong story line is a must watch.

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