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Kamzarf – Fariya’s Reluctant Nature causing troubles for Aima


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So, are you anxious enough to know what had happened in the recent episode of Kamzarf? Let me give you a quick review of the episode.

As we all know how difficulty Asim has managed to marry his love life Fariya. But after their wedding, it seems that things are getting tough for Aima as she has never imagined someone who would talk to her the manner in which Fariya has done. Fariya’s comment to Aima that perhaps she is not married because she has to take the load of responsibilities has shaken Aima’s heart. She is furious and burning with anger. That glass breaking scene between the two ladies was brilliantly executed. I as a viewer was enjoying it to the utmost pleasure.

Aima calls Asim and asked him to come to the home immediately. After he had come, Aima urges him to get Fariya out of the house as she has misbehaved with her which no one has done ever. Asim asked Fariya to apologize to his Dee, but she eventually refused to do so.

On the other hand, Nabeel asked Aima to get her share from the house which she agreed to do. Aima asked her brothers that she wants her share from the property which actually disturbed the overall environment of the house. Mona is the one who actually feels it.

One exciting thing that happened in the recent mega episode of the show was the disclosure of Nabeel’s marriage with his cousin. Fouzia finally managed to come to the truth about Nabeel. Azhar managed to tell the true colors of Nabeel to Aima but it seemed that she would not believe him and perhaps Nabeel will again get her heart with his crocodile tears and cunning nature.

Well, the drama serial is getting interested day after day. It basically portrays the bitter reality of life that when ego and controlling natures work, then everything else is eventually doomed to destroy. That’s what Aima is doing with her siblings.

Eagerly waiting for the next episode to be get aired.

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