Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is directing her own Biopic – Interesting


Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood’s most outspoken and daring actress, has recently unveiled that she is going to direct her own biopic because “She’s her own favorite”

Kangana Ranaut directing her own biopic

As we all know that Kangana is one of those actresses who speak their mind openly without getting feared. Because of her outspokenness, she is not welcomed or liked by the fellow actors, however, she does not give a damn about it. Chill bandi hy yaar. We are all ware of her recent squabble with the star kid Alia Bhatt. The argument goes long between the two. Anyway, she has won the hearts and applause of millions of her fans.

Kangana’s recent announcement of making and directing a biopic has wondered everybody over the fact that about whom the biopic has been made? Even it was more shocking for the audience when the name was being revealed. Yes, it’s none other than Kangana herself. She is directing a biopic of her own. She reveals that she will be sharing her struggles and her journey into the industry and how she has earned her name through the entire film fraternity. Well, it’s quite interesting a person making his own biopic, isn’t it?

In an interview, she said, “It is not a propaganda film with characters who are starkly black and white, rather it is a sincere, heartfelt account of my journey so far with plenty of lighter moments.”

Furthermore, she cleared out that she would not be taking any names in the movie. For her, the biopic is not about embarrassing others, rather the biopic will speak about her own efforts of making her place through the industry.
She is such a badass character.


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