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Karachi to be seen under the spell of chilly weather


Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast quite a cold and chilly weather to be expected in most parts of the country. Karachi weather is seen to be engulfed in the cold weather this week. According to PMD, the city will encounter the chilly waves of the wind that will blow at the speed of 60 to 70 km per hour. The reports are quite authentic as the people of Karachi are already getting under the spell of the chilly weather.

The sudden drop in Temperature

The sudden drop in temperature has occurred with the effect of 16-27 degrees on Tuesday. Karachiites are being informed to cover themselves properly as there is a chance that people may suffer because of the sudden change in temperature.

People should take care as they will suffer from viral infections. Necessary health arrangements should be made to avoid cough and flu caused by the chilly wind.

In chilly weather like this people should make it essential to have a cup of tea or coffee or have a bowl of soup specifically vegetable soup. It will help a lot from frosty weather. Personal hygiene is also very crucial under these days. Try as much as you can to save yourself from the cold atmosphere.

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