Karachi’s Clifton Beach, full of Medical Waste


Karachi: Instead of becoming an inspirational and visiting spot, Karachi’s Clifton Beach has been a constant source of medical waste.

Shaniera Akram, the wife of our famed Cricket legend Wasim Akram, has turned to her twitter handle in order to draw the authorities’ attention towards the pathetic and hazardous condition of Karachi’s Clifton beach which is now full of medical waste.

While filming the entire beach, she has captured multiple pictures showing medical waste being thrown over there. Through the shared video, the medical syringes, waste and the vials of blood could be clearly seen.

She has requested the authorities to immediately close the beach as it can be dangerous for the citizens.

Through a series of tweets, she has drawn the attention of the people towards the pathetic situation of the beach. She requests all the TV channels and social media users to spread awareness.

She declared that “I have walked on Clifton beach every day for the last 4 years and I have never been scared until today. This beach needs to be shut down now.”

She went on saying that “Medical waste, syringes, vials of blood that has come in from the ocean has spread across Clifton beach for kilometers. The beach is bio hazardous and in a state of emergency.”

Moreover, the local news media and TV channels have also witnessed the site and confirmed the grim situation of the Clifton Beach.

Shaniera Akram advised all the Karachiites to stay away from the spot unless it has been properly examined and cleaned out.

Shaniera’s voice was soon heard by the Sindh Police. The section 144 has been imposed and immediate measures have been taken against it.

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