Karim Center in Karachi’s caught fire


Karim Center in Karachi caught fire

Karachi: Karachi’s Karim Center has been in the headlines soon after a fire erupted from the building creating a lot of fuss.

Located at the Saddar area in Karachi, the sixth floor of the Karim Center caught fire in no times.

The police, security officials and rescue teams appeared in no time to help the people stuck in the building.

After the hard struggle of almost an hour, the fire team has caught hold on the fire with the help of two fire tenders.fire in karachi

The public suffered severe blockage of roads due to traffic rush.

The roads from Zainab Market till Zaibunnisa Street have affected the most.

According to the initial reports, a fire erupted from a clothing factory on the sixth floor.

Rescue sources are investigating the scene for further developments.

However, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

Here is a video clip,

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