“Kashf” Episode 02 Review

“Kashf” Episode 02 Review


Kashf is HUM TV’s newly begin drama serial. It reveals the story of a girl who is bearing the brunt of her dreams. The girl’s name is Kashf and the role is beautifully carried by Hira Mani.

The serial is being directed by Danish Nawaz while produced by Momina Duraid under MD Productions. The drama serial is featuring Hira Mani and Junaid Khan in the lead roles. The spiritual romantic serial is brilliantly written by Imran Nazeer.

Hira Mani, being Kashf, is simply amazing as a naive girl. She has a very bad dream in which she has witnessed something bad happening to Shumaila at her wedding. Actually she has seen that Shumaila will not get married. She told this dream to Wajdaan but he gives a cool reaction to it. Not stressing at all.

Kashf did not know that Wajdaan’s mother has also overheard her dream and started thinking bad about her.


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On the other hand, her mother is also worried about her. Meanhwile, Wajdaan’s mother just arrived and started blaming her for wishing bad luck for her dughter. Kashf’s mother cannot stand with all this. She has decided to send her to her phupho to a Buzurg.  While going to that buzurg, Kashf will may seek God’s blessings.

While going back towards the house, Kashf’s phopho meets a man who is her husband. However, there are signs of worry on her face and she gets terrified while seeing him on the way. There is no surprise in it. Actually she has spent years while living with an abusive husband. He has made her life like a hell.


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Wajdaan and her sister are so awre of Kashf’s nature. Shumaila knows that Kashf can never think bad for her. Meanwhile, we have also witnessed that Kashf’s sister, despite knowing that Kashf is engaged to Wajdaan, she keeps an eye on him.

Well, Kashf has another dream in which she has seen that her younger sister is going to be Wajdaan’s bride and it was a moment when she thinks how her sister has been showing interest in Wajdaan and his family.

What happened next was Kashf’ dream coming true. Shumaila’s husband dies in a car accident and there happened no wedding at all. And guess what, Wajdaan’s mother blamed Kashf for all this. She is not ready to forgive her.

Wajdaan’s mother announced that she is not good for her family and hence breaking her engagment with Wajdaan. Wajdaan is so shocked to hear all this. He tried to explained to his mother that Kashf has never thought bad about their family.

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