Kashmala Tariq gets trolled

Kashmala Tariq gets trolled for her recent statement over Harassment


Kashmala Tariq was a former parliamentarian. Currently, she is working as the Federal Ombudsperson for protection against harassment of Women. She has recently attended an event in Rawalpindi where she has just passed a statement that was enough for some entities to troll her on social media.

While delivering her speech she has mentioned a statement that goes like sending unwanted good morning texts are also a type of harassment. But what public did? They have made a mountain out of a mole. Some lazy buffers have trolled her after editing that one specific line of sending good morning texts are also a type of harassment.

Even some have mentioned that it’s ok to send ‘Good Night’ text but not a ‘Good Morning’ text.

With this whole ongoing stuff on social media, Kashmala Tariq was forced to clear her statement before the audience. She has posted she was referring to “unwanted good morning texts” only. She further asserted that media should not highlight that one specific line out of the whole content.

Kashmala has openly addressed the issues faced by women. She has also encouraged them to stand up for themselves by lodging complaints online at harassment centers. The time has gone when women were subjugated to male violence. She asked them to speak up for themselves.

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