Islamabad: Local News Media reported people living in Kashmir are suffering at the hands of the Indian Army. Their never-ending suffering session is going on in Indian Occupied Kashmir as six more people got severely injured.

India’s move of repealing Article 370 is causing more destruction in IoK. People are living a life of fear as they have no idea when Indian forces will brutally roast them and their loved ones.

Kashmir Media Service has informed that the injured ones have been shifted to the Srinagar Hospital.

Occupied Kashmir has been cut off from the rest of the world. The Indian authorities have suspended all the internet facility in the region. Moreover, their phones have also been snatched away.

Residents of IoK are leaving the place after the situation is getting worst. People who have been shifted to the New Delhi region are informing the grave situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

A traveler has informed AFP that “My car was checked at least 25 times on the way to the airport and it took me almost four hours to cover a distance of hardly 30 minutes.”

Mubeen Masoodi, who also arrived from Srinagar has also informed about the unavailability of the phone network.

“While we were having our food (around) midnight, that is when the phones one by one went (off) and that’s when people realized something big is happening and everyone just rushed back home.”

Kashmir is suffering at the hands of the Indian Army
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Kashmir is suffering at the hands of the Indian Army
Kashmir is suffering at the hands of the Indian Army
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