Kashmir Issue: Yasir Hussain slams celebrities for not raising their voice for Kashmir


Yasir Hussain is an acclaimed actor of Pakistan. However, he is more famous for giving controversial statements than for his acting skills.

Recently he has posted a video of him on his Instagram handle where he was seen condemning those celebrities who haven’t uttered a single word for Kashmir and for the people of Kashmir. In his view, celebrities are afraid of losing their Indian followers.

In the shared video, he has shown his disappointment over the fact that Pakistani celebrities are not raising their voice against the Indian brutalities and it really hurts him.

He started his video saying that “Sami Khan and I have worked in an Indian film starring Om Puri which was a joint venture of both the countries, no doubt our stay there was very good, and whenever we interacted with the people there they used to ask us that have you met Fawad Khan, which gives enough proof that there is so much fan following of Pakistani artists in India.”

He keeps on venting that “Despite such a great fan following, they kick Pakistani celebrities out whenever they want to. They removed songs from their websites of Atif Aslam who is a living legend of Pakistan and nobody has such a soulful voice in Asia currently.”

“I don’t think any of Pakistan’s artist should even think for a moment about losing their fan base at this crucial moment, because they are Pakistani artists and have gained fame from their home country only. They had worked here which is why India saw them in the first place, so if they lose their fan base that doesn’t matter, what matters is that Kashmiri brothers and sisters shouldn’t be killed, this is the most important thing at the moment,” he further declared.

By the end of his video message, he mentioned that he loves his country and the people of Kashmir as well. And he will keep on supporting them till his last breath.

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