Kasur sparked protests after the dead bodies of three minors were found


Kasur: Kasur is raising voice against the grievous incident that took place on Tuesday this week.

According to the local media, the dead bodies of three minors were found by the police officials. The authorities have confirmed that all the three children were first raped and later on murdered after buried underground.

The district police officer has declared on Wednesday that the DNA samples have been collected for investigations. Moreover, nine suspects have been arrested and their DNAs will also be tested whether it will match with the DNA of the deceased children.

Meanwhile, people of Kashmir are standing against the injustices. They are raising their voce in the form of protests. The shops have been shut down. People went on the streets and roads and fire tires. Owing to these protests, the transport service is seriously affected in different areas.

Moreover, the protesters have thrown stones at the police station. The protesters are demanding justice for innocent minors who have been raped and murdered.

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