Khalil-ur-Rehman troubled himself again after calling Adnan Malik as ‘Hijra’


Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has been the most controversial figure for these few days. First, he has received ample hate for passing indecent comments to a female activist on live Television. Khalil-ur-Rehman troubled himself again after calling Adnan Malik as ‘Hijra’

He is that one person who uses any comment against anybody in the entertainment industry. Recently he has attended a press conference in which he referred to Adnan Malik as ‘Hijra’ inviting more criticism towards him.
Adnan Malik is our industry’s famous actor and model. While insulting him on the national television, he called him a ‘Hijra’.

During the press conference, he said, “Unfortunately, an army of transgenders has infiltrated the industry and ruined it. You can also see some of these as heroes.”

While spewing venom, he discloses his inner self, what he thinks about transgenders. How much negativity he has for the transgender community. He said,

“Before casting anyone in my dramas, I make sure to check that they aren’t transgender.”
And after saying this, he abruptly called actor Adnan Malik as Hijra. He declared, “I made a mistake though, I choose a transgender to play me, the role of Khalil.”

It is worth noticing that the said role was played by Adnan Malik in the drama serial “Sadqy Tumhary”.

Adnan Malik has not responded to him in this matter. However, earlier, he has criticized him for using derogatory remarks against Marvi Sarmad.

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