Kids Interested In Glue Art

Are Your Preschooler Kids Interested In Glue Art?


Art is an intellectual skill that is observed naturally in some kids.

Preschoolers and young children love experiences with different textures. Next time you want to intrigue your youngster, try some glue art!

Things to Prepare first:

You’ll need some liquid white glue and some construction paper. Darker colors work particularly well. Your child might also enjoy using crayons, paint, or metallic inks to make a multimedia creation. Let your child create if you wish, and allow wet inks or paints to dry.

Now, add finishing touches with the glue. The glue goes on white and wet, but it will dry clear and hard. It makes super raindrops, windows, or spiderwebs. The almost transparent appearance makes it an ideal medium for some things that are very difficult to draw.

Use of Household  Glue:

Another way to use household glue is to thin it down with water and use a paintbrush or cotton swab to apply it to paper. The dried thin glue will give a sheen to places where it has been applied.

Try making designs with the glue first, then adding crayon or marker after it has dried. The surface of the dried glue makes for a unique-looking project and the bumps and lines will add some unusual texture to the artwork.

So use the glue as something to actually draw with, or use it as a finish for the piece. You’ll be opening artistic doors for your child and even nurturing creativity as you demonstrate new uses for a common, familiar substance.

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