Komal Aziz

Komal Aziz has something to say about Maria B chapter


Komal Aziz who is an inspiring model and actress has something to say about this currently ongoing Maria B chapter. On Wednesday, she shared a meme on her Instagram handle connecting the current situation of Pakistan with what Maria B has to say about the arrest of her husband.


It would be worth noticing that earlier, the famous fashion designer Maria B’s husband got arrested by the police officials. An FIR was being registered against him for hiding that his cook has been tested positive for coronavirus. Instead of telling the respective authorities, he has sent his cook back to his village, Vihari.

The police officials have told that after he was diagnosed with the disease he was immediately shifted to Lahore and was admitted to Mayo Hospital for treatment.

One of the police officials has told, “The servant was brought to Lahore from Vihari and shifted to the Mayo Hospital.”

Moreover, the officials have told that cook has met dozens of people on his way to home. As a result, the entire village will be quarantined as we do not know who will be having the deadly virus inside him.

Designer Maria B comes in supporting her husband while condemning the raid in her house. She also uploads a video in which she could be heard requesting the Prime Minister to take serious notice of the action taken by Police.

However, Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed has been reported to be granted bail amid coronavirus controversy on Wednesday.

People across the country have condemned the release of her husband after calling it unfair as compared to the common citizens.

In the recently shared meme by Komal Aziz, it is cleared that she is also condemning the release of Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed.

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