KP Assembly Proposed Death Penalty

KP Assembly Proposed Death Penalty for Pedophilia | Must Be Discussed


In Pakistan, we see a lot of child abuse cases and the increasing ratio is very alarming. The government should take proper steps to eradicate such types of sensitive matters. It is against humanity and unless the government does not bring counter-strategies, we would not be able to stop people from the crime. By keeping this view in mind, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) assembly has proposed death penalty pedophiles.

One of the biggest decisions it could be if it is implemented in true spirit. If we implement it in all provinces then do you think, it would be easy for people to commit child abuse? Will they not think about death punishment before hurting any kid? Crimes can be controlled either with fear or moral training.

Making the majority of people educated in one month or 1 year is not very feasible. However, when the government announces some law very clearly and openly then it gives fair chances of implementation. Same case we observed in Pakistan when the order of wearing helmets was given for all people.

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Dr. Sumera Shams insisted other members of the assembly to speak about child abuse and domestic violence. PPP leader Nighat Orakzai also agreed on the proposal of Sr. Sumera by adding the words, “we need strong legislation first to cope with the major issue”.

KP Law Minister Sultan Muhammad Khan also spoke, we have a draft for the final bill and its ready. The molesters should be treated with iron hands. Soon, Pakistan will get the fruits of our legislation in “Naya Pakistan”

So, we should all support the bill and insist on the government bodies to implement it everywhere without any political pressure.

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