Laal Kabootar – An Intriguing Trailer with Powerful Performances


lal kabooter

‘Laal Kabootar’ as the name suggests, it’s not an average or common going film. The name itself carries sensations in one’s doubtful mind about the film and here is the trailer that will make it believe. The trailer will not only leave you in quite a wondrous state but also force you to witness the next happenings in the film by watching it. It’s really impressive.

Laal Kabootar is beyond those ordinary genres carrying a comedy, romance or action. It rather carries a unique theme in itself just like its name. Well, those who love reading or watching crime series are gonna love it too because it’s exactly a crime thriller.

For your convenience, here I am giving you a little insight into the story,

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha are the protagonists or to say the hero and heroine of the film. Ahmed Ali being portrayed in the film as a taxi driver has quite a big dream of travelling to Dubai. However, we’ll see that this dream is not working out. In this film, he has been seen dealing with all kinds of people even with thugs. On the other hand, we have Mansha Pasha as Alia, determined enough to track something down. However, police will be of no use to her so she will seek Adeel’s advice. What happens next? Whether Adeel will fulfil his dream or Alia will track down the desired item? Well, for these questions you have to watch Laal Kabutar which is going to release on 22nd March.

The film mainly depicts the ugly side of Karachi, which we are all familiar too but very few have experienced. Mansha Pasha is to be seen as a quite serious and convincing character by keeping in mind the subject of the film. While we have Ahmed as Adeel delivering an impact performance.

Directed by Kamal Khan, Laal Kabootar is perhaps Pakistan’s first ever film for the mature ones as the subject matter is quite gross for the teenagers.

I am already getting positive vibes about the success of the film. If the trailer is such intriguing and how the film would be? Excited enough for buying a ticket on 22nd March.

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