Latif: ICC revenue over Asia Cup venue!

Rashid Latif, the former Pakistani cricketer, has called on the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to give more importance to the revenue generated from ICC events rather than focusing on the venue for the Asia Cup 2023.

Importance of India-Pakistan Matches and PCB’s Call :

Latif emphasized the significance of India-Pakistan matches, known for their immense viewership, and urged the board to give special attention to these highly anticipated games.

Latif also urged the PCB to advocate for a larger share of revenue from the ICC’s Finance Model for the period of 2024 to 2027.

Latif’s Twitter Statement: PCB’s Request for Higher Revenue Share and Emphasis on

In a tweet, Latif expressed his view that the PCB should request the ICC for a higher revenue share in the Finance Model (2024-27). He acknowledged India’s larger share but highlighted the immense popularity of the India-Pakistan match, emphasizing its significant appeal at all levels of the game.

Latif’s Call for Increased Pakistan’s Revenue Share in ICC’s Finance Model :

Latif suggests raising Pakistan’s proposed share from 5.75% to 18-20% in the ICC’s Finance Model for 2024-27. He emphasizes the need to significantly increase the PCB’s revenue cut, contrasting it with India’s share of 38.50%.

Latif recognized India’s dominant position in cricket and its larger revenue share, but stressed that the special appeal of matches between both teams warranted a higher revenue cut for the PCB.

Disparity in Revenue Distribution:

Currently, Pakistan receives 5.75% of the ICC revenue distribution, while India enjoys a significant 38.50% share. He suggested boosting the PCB’s revenue cut to approximately 18-20% in the upcoming Finance Model for 2024-2027.

Latif raised concerns about the distribution of revenue shares based on sponsorship agreements, specifically questioning the prominence of Emirates airline’s sponsorship of cricket events in the UAE.

Rashid Latif proposes that viewership figures should primarily determine revenue shares rather than the value of sponsorship.

Latif’s Evidence of Massive Viewership in India-Pakistan Matches:

To support his argument, Latif pointed out notable instances of India-Pakistan matches that drew massive viewership. The 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka recorded an astonishing 558 million unique viewers, closely followed by the 2011 World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan, which garnered 495 million unique viewers.

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