Laung Laachi Restaurant

Laung Laachi Restaurant

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Laung Laachi Restaurant lahore

After the success of Bollywood’s Laung and Laachi song, here is something for you that will remind you all about Laung Laachi. The name itself sounds interesting.

I can still remember the time when I first heard about this iconic Laung Laachi restaurant located at the very heart of Johar Town. First of all, it was the name which fascinated me. Later on, when I paid a visit to this spot I have actually the aroma and environment and most importantly the taste it offers.

It’s a newly opened Chayee spot for all the Chayee lovers out there. It’s a common habit between friends to have a long time gupshup while enjoying snacks and chayee or coffee. So this could probably be your next spot for having some quality time with your friends.

Laung Laachi Interior  

It’s an open air chayee spot where you can relish the beauty of the open sky as well as the place. You’ll find it quite classy yet casual.


Laung Laachi Restaurant interior

Another interesting thing about this joint is its beautifully printed walls. The stickers and paintings on the walls are actually cool. The ambiance is inspiring as well.

printed walls

Laung Laachi Menu/Food

Laung Laachi menu

Now coming towards its food items, the restaurant seems a bit weird owing to some surprisingly awesome names of the dishes. Once you’ll spare a glance at the menu. It will force you to read out the entire menu. Sandwiches, burgers, chayee, qahwa, and parathy are some of the very tasty items.

Laung Laachi Sandwiches

Their chayee has been named under sakht chayee which instantly blows your mind up.

Laung Laachi Chayee

Then comes the favorite one. Our most loved one, the Laung Laachi chayee. It’s not only rich in flavoring ilaichi but also tastes very unique.


Your favorite eatery is just located at 910, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

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