Leaked video clip of a Kashmiri woman Exposing Indian atrocities in IOK to Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: A leaked video clip of a Kashmiri woman who has exposed the brutalities and atrocities of the Indian Army is making rounds on social media. In the circulation video clip, she could be seen complaining about Indian atrocities in Indian held Kashmir to one of the senior Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The woman could be seen explaining the sufferings of the Kashmiri people. They are living a life of constant fear.

“Even the kids under 9 and 10 are not allowed to come out, whoever goes out is arrested and my brother who is a heart patient was detained when he went to look for his kids. He was taken away too and the family was not allowed to meet him for 10 days.”

We are in a very critical situation, she further said.

On Sunday, Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry also shared the leaked video on his Twitter handle saying that “RSS and Nazi philosophy has captured #ModiIndia”.

“MotiLal Nehru’s great grandson Jawaharlal Nehru Grandson Indian Nat Congress ex-president Rahul Gandhi disallowed to enter his ancestors Home #Kashmir,” he wrote.

The opposition parties in India including Congress, the Communist Party and the All India Trinamool Congress mentioned earlier that they wanted to visit Kashmir however, they have been stopped by the authorities from visiting the desired place.

One of the senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad told media that,
“If the situation is normal then why is the government restricting us from entering the valley? On the one hand, the government says that things are normal and on the other they impose entry restrictions. I have never seen so many contradictions?”

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