Leaving Facebook

Leaving Facebook Makes You Happier but Less Informed Research Says


Socializing is an integral part of our lives and we can’t survive without it as it gives us the joy and happiness of sharing our feelings in different ways. Technology also plays a very important role in present days through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Through these sources we socialize quicker than meeting personally, also it is very helpful when we are sitting thousands of miles away from each other.

Every tool of technology has its pros and cons like people are getting too much obsessed with Facebook but at the same time, it keeps us informed. We can never say without any evidence that Facebook has more pros or cons. A team of researchers from New York University and Stanford University is trying to answer the same question. During the whole research process, they selected a sample size of 2800 people and offered them $100 to stop using Facebook for a month. Apparently, it seems difficult as now most of us are associated with Facebook very much and keeps us up to date about everything, but the surprisingly acceptance rate was very high.

After one month results of a detailed study came up and the conclusion was surprising, according to the report most of the people felt that they are happier than the times they were Facebook users. But they were less informed about the recent news and factual information online. According to the report, people were agreed to leave Facebook for one more month by getting some extra money than the previous offer. The researchers stressed that the takeaway of their study is neither pro- nor anti-Facebook. Their point, they said, was simply to make people aware of how they’re using social media.

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