womens better actor Mohsin Abbas Haider

“Let me tell you that there is no better actor than a woman,” Mohsin Abbas Haider says


Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider is recently in big trouble owing to the domestic violence allegations put on by the wife Fatima Sohail. The singer cum actor was booked on Wednesday soon after his wife Fatima Sohail has registered a case against him regarding physical and emotional abuse.

The case has been registered in the Defence police station, Lahore on the behalf of Fatima Sohail.

As per the court orders, the actor appeared before the court of the additional session judge Tajammul Shehzad. He claimed that he is innocent and all the domestic abuse allegations which have been levelled against him are fake.

The actor was booked in the case under sections 406 and 506 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

He stated that “Numerous times I have made attempts of reconciliation but failed. Now, this is a legal war, and we will expose them legally.”

He has also expressed his great disappointment over the inability of the Ngo’s which will work for men’s rights.

“None of the NGOs have contacted and I wish there was an NGO for men as well,” he stated.

“Human rights do not mean women’s rights only, even men should be given equal opportunities to present their stance”, he further added.

The actor went on saying that “They have levelled allegations that just because I’m an actor, I am acting right now. Let me tell you that there is no better actor than a woman.”

So, he is directly calling her wife an actor.

It is pertinent to note that the hearing of the court has been adjourned till August 5.

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