Life without cheating

“Life without cheating is a myth, it doesn’t exist,” Affan Waheed


Affan Waheed

Pakistan’s emerging heartthrob Affan Waheed who had earned enough name and fame for himself through his recent drama serial ‘Do Bol’ have attended ‘Rewind with Samina Pirzada’.

The young actor has spilled some truth beans of his life while talking to Samina Pirzada. There is a lot more going on in the life of celebrities, some tensions depression just like us.

The actor has shared details about his childhood life and the bond he possesses with his siblings.

During the gupshup, the actor has been asked by Samina on the subject of cheating, to which he has replied, “Life without cheating is a myth, and it doesn’t exist.”

According to him, there should be a little cheating in life because without cheating life doesn’t exist. Probably Samina was referring to his character as Badar in his super hit drama serial ‘Do Bol’ where he has practiced some cheating to get Gaiti on his side.


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Rewind with Samina peerzada.

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Through this talk show, we have actually got to know that Affan is a good cook as well. During his interview with Samina, he has mentioned how he has developed an interest in cooking and he can even cook everything now.

“I am a pretty good cook and can cook almost everything.”

On the subject of his divorce, the actor just opened up in these words.

“I remember one day (after the divorce) I was going home and I felt happy like somebody had colored my black and white life. That’s when I felt I had moved on from my divorce, it was a bad one.”


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He gave credit to his siblings for getting out of depression and fighting all this.

His father has supported him throughout his life. Affan who has often seemed to us as a private man who rarely shared details of his personal life has opened up like this on a TV show. He further stated,

“If it was any other show, I would not have talked about my fears and regrets and anything of the sort, I don’t know why I felt like pouring my heart out as I came here.”

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